To Workbook Or Not To Workbook

This is always the question.

Short post, but how does everyone feel about workbooks? I don’t really use them because instead of efficiently working through ch. 4 of the workbook AS I do ch. 4 of the textbook, I do ch.4 of the workbook when I’m a) on chapter 12 or b) done with the entire book.

It’s like my brain does a memory dump on what workbooks are and that they exist.

I noticed that even though I can breeze through learning Korean vocab and grammar, it doesn’t stick like Japanese did. I thought it was because I was more familiar with Japanese, but then I noticed it was because I was using a good workbook with the main material. When I use a good workbook (not a non-self-study friendly boring one), it lets me put the medal to the pedal (whoops… pedal to the medal…. metal? medal? See, I can’t even speak my first language and I’m too lazy to look it up) and see what I can remember on my own without re-reading notes.

So yeah, workbooks work for me… Hee hee. Workbooks, WORK. Ha. Haha. Ha.

I’ll stop now.

So do workbooks earn minimum wage? Imagine a lil book going to its office with its lil suitcase.

….Okay, now I’ll stop. I couldn’t help it.

They have their benefits, however, it’s always a question of “Do I want to part my bank account with its money and make it weep like a kid who got their lollipop taken away?”

So how do you all feel about workbooks? Good workbooks. We all hate the bad ones of course. Are they worth the extra money or are they nice to have but not really worth it?

(I’m trying to decide whether to get Ewha and Yonsei workbooks later on, that’s why haha.)

13 thoughts on “To Workbook Or Not To Workbook

  1. I have no issue with workbooks (personally I think they can be useful in their purpose) and I think you should get them, if they are good books. Bad ones, well, they really are bad, they make everyone think that all workbooks are bad bah -__-

    • I hear you. >.< Since I have a Kinokuniya near me, it's easy to look through workbooks a good bit before buying them, but for Korean the bookstores don't usually carry workbooks and I gotta do my shopping online. That's why when people review everything, I'm like, "Yes, please help me thank you." XD

  2. When I first started learning Japanese, I did a few workbooks (like “Japanese for Busy People”) and I think those helped me cement grammar and vocab in my head better. However I also did exercises in textbooks and other places.

    Having said that, in the current day in age language learning apps and websites are quite popular, and I am not sure if there is really a need to buy physical paper workbooks.

    I guess the main advantage of the workbooks is when they are coupled together with some lesson or sets of lessons (like when a workbook is paired with a textbook). That way you get to practice what you just learned.

    • Yeah, they’re not really a “need” but a “nice to have”. I’ve been stuck on whether I should cement what I learn with workbooks or by reading, using Korean websites, and writing regularly.

  3. I only have Sogang 5A workbook that my academy gave me and I think it’s really helpful. You get to practice and learn more as you answer the activities. Everything sticks easily into your head.

    • I remember when I had Sogang books. It was early into my Korean study and I found it too easy, but the workbooks did help make things stick. Does it get more interesting and challenging in the later levels?

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