Day 1: Start a Tradition

Woah, wth did the “New Post” section change or did I click on something I shouldn’t have? Oh well… Okay, so maybe the “New Post” button at the top is for a quick post and if I click it from the side panel I’ll get the whole shazzam package for editing. Uh, to the post…

Thanks to Koichi and Tofugu, I’m gonna try “30 Days of Becoming a Better Japanese Learner” but for all the languages I’m studying. Japanese gets all my attention and poor Korean and Spanish have to wait forever for their turn.

Here’s the link for the ebook: I’m not sure how long it will stay free, but get it asap just in case. It’s free. Be a klepto. >.>

I don’t wanna explain too much about what each day says to do since there may be a price for the ebook soon, but he did write, “Feel free to take excerpts from this ebook and use them as you see fit (in your blog or whatevs).” And so I shall. :D

I’ll be pretty much summing up what I’ve learned from the ebook when I write these.

Day 1: Start a Tradition

If something becomes a tradition, you don’t really have to worry about it getting done, right? You just do it and barely have to remind yourself about it. Now imagine if you did that with chores and studying. Do you know how much could get done on time? WHY I haven’t thought about this before, I have no clue. I’m starting off with random and kinda vague traditions because that’s how all my ideas start. Random. Vague. Then they evolve.

  • Japanese: Review what I learned the day before when I wake up.
  • Korean: Put the KoreanClass101 word of the day in my notebook when I get on some electronic device.
  • Spanish: Turn to a Spanish channel when I turn on the TV. (Because most of the time I turn it on because I need light to find my damn bed and I wanna make some use of what mom is paying for.)

Note how none of the traditions have the word will in them. When you say, “I will,” you’re giving yourself the option of doing it later and well… It just doesn’t always get done.

Crap I don’t know what else to write. I feel awkward ending it here. Oooooo, I should do some language book reviews later. :D Wait… That didn’t really help the issue I had with how to end the post.