First Order from twoChois! :D [Korean Book Haul]

I’m so happy. :DDDD


My post office derped and was supposed to just leave it at my door yesterday, but they put it back on the truck and drove around with it saying they’ll stop by again in the evening JUST to put it back in the post office and tell me to pick it up in the morning. SO I got up early today and went straight to the office with mom for that package. I’ve been stalking it through trace-trace and USPS because I was so happy to finally order these books that I’ve always wanted.

OH! A great note I want to make about twoChois for anyone who’s new to them (or just anyone in general). You know how you’ll order something that’s supposed to be brand new and when you open the box it’s torn? If you order from twoChois, that will NOT happen. One of the books I had ordered came to them with a tear on the back cover so they sent it back twice for an exchange just to make sure I got my book in pristine condition. I have never seen a company do that before and I’m so happy I found out about them. They’re a truly amazing team. TT^TT

But omgomgomgomgomg IT’S HERE. When I say I’ve been stalking the website with the tracking number for the package, I’ve literally been looking at the page every couple of hours. XD It shipped on August 28th and was in my post office by the 30th. Amazing.


Look at the beautiful package! LOOK! (It’s a regular box, but I’m happy about the contents so it’s beautiful alright? XD)


It’s so well protected. ;-; Even the small spaces have small air bags to make sure the contents don’t move around a lot.

Once again, everything is bubble wrapped (ex.: two books bubble wrapped together) and each individual book is plastic wrapped.


All the protection. I had to take a picture of it. XD

This was a large order. I ordered in bulk because I only get enough to do something like this when the semester starts and I get financial aid or when I’m working at Blood Manor (Yes, I make money off of scaring people at a haunted house attraction in October and I enjoy every second of it). So yeah, it had to be done. I’ve been wanting these for a while. *-* When I say “want,” I actually mean crave. >.>

My Order

  • Korean Grammar in Use: Beginner
  • Korean Grammar in Use: Intermediate
  • Yonsei Reading 1
  • Yonsei Reading 2
  • Ewha Korean 2-1
  • Ewha Korean 2-2
  • 세상에 너를 소리쳐!
  • High Cut Issue #102

Free Items courtesy of twoChois

  • notebook
  • High Cut Issue #107
  • EXO XOXO Kiss Ver. (My order was $100+ so they asked me to choose which CD I would like out of the ones they had. ;-;)

Picture time because pictures! :DDD


Korean Grammar in Use – Beginner & Intermediate

I’ve heard so many good reviews on these books and liked what I saw when I skimmed through them in my bookstore so this was definitely going to get ordered. Fun Fact: In my bookstore, each of these are $40 and if I purchased everything at the bookstore in NYC’s Koreatown, I would have spent a lot more than what I did. I’m not complaining about how much I spent. I happily gave twoChois my money. XD

IMG_0797 (1)

Yonsei Reading 1 & 2

I need to work on my reading, listening and speaking. Point blank. Although this is mainly a reading book, there is a CD so I can technically use these for listening and fixing my intonation. But sweet lord of pancakes do I have trouble with reading. Not a ton of trouble, but I feel like I could do better. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Yonsei’s books especially from Shanna at Hangukdrama (visit her blog and support her in her new journey) so I definitely wanted to try these.


Ewha Korean 2-1 & 2-2

I didn’t know if I wanted to try Yonsei’s level 2 or Ewha’s. I’ve looked through Yonsei’s books and read reviews and I would like to try them, but Ewha appealed to me a little more. Probably because of the pretty colors. XD I’ve never gotten to look through the book at a store, but I trusted Shanna’s review of them and after skimming it today, I’m really glad I purchased them. I love their layout. (Note: Reviews will be done later on these books. Promise. See, I promised so I have to do it now. I’m a woman of my word. It may take time for me to fulfill my word, but I’ll do it. XD)


세상에 너를 소리쳐!

Big Bang’s autobiography! I’ve seen many Korean self-learners get this as a novel to aid in their self-study and decided to throw it into my order. My first Korean novel… ;-; Hold on I need a moment… T^T Okay, I’m good. XD



YES THAT NEEDED CAPS LOCK BECAUSE OH MY GRAPES AND WHISKERS (I don’t even have whiskers… Gilligan does though. I’ll post his picture at the end.) IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT YUNHO IS MY ULTIMATE BIAS THEN YOU DO NOW. I remembered that twoChois offers a special order method where if something isn’t listed in their store, they can try to get it and sent it to you. Here is the link for more info:

I was worried that I’d never be able to get this issue because I kept finding listings on different sites that were selling it (about 5 listings among 3 sites) and it was ALWAYS SOLD OUT. When I asked twoChois if they were able to get back issues of High Cut and they said it was possible I was sooooo happy! I’ve wanted this issue so badly but I don’t live in Korea, it wasn’t in my bookstore and I needed it because Yunho (HOW DARE YUNHO MAKE HIMSELF MY ULTIMATE BIAS). Besides, it’s more reading material. :DDD This was one of the highlights of my package… Actually, everything was the highlight of my package.



It’s small and compact and I love that little panda. XD The handwritten note is a personal touch that I really love from them.


High Cut Issue #107

With every order from twoChois is a free issue of High Cut (usually the most recent issue).  MORE reading material! >:DDD


EXO XOXO Kiss Ver.

I was going to buy this, but because of twoChois, I was able to get this for free. I’d get the Hug Ver. to support the M group too, but this wonderful gift has saved me some money, haha. (Xiumin was my photo card. I love that little kid… I’m callling him a little kid and his birthday is next to mine. He’s 3/26/1990 and I’m 3/25/1993 so it’s almost exactly 3 years. O_o)

And that was my wonderful package of wonderfulness. :D I should be reviewing Japanese because the semester has started and I’m somewhere in the “Advanced Beginner” stage, BUT since this package is here I’m going to be looking at a lot of Korean.

I can’t stop recommending shopping with twoChois. They respond quickly about any questions, they’re polite, they work hard, they make sure your items get to you in pristine condition, they keep you updated on your order, you can order some items that aren’t on their site, and they’re just overall an amazing team. ^.^

I’ve been promising book reviews on old stuff I’ve had for a while, so now that I’m back into action and a schedule, it should be easier for me to post more often. I was so lazy, uninspired and not energetic this summer ay dios.

Oh, here’s Gilligan (back when I mentioned whiskers):


Yes, Gilligan is a nemuneko. XD

It’s Here! [Thank you twoChois!]



I didn’t expect the package to get here so soon, but it did. The post office had me run back and forth today, but it was delivered to my apartment safely. ^.^

I’ll do a thorough review on the book once I really start using it, but for now it’s pictures, a packaging review, and =DDD.

I haven’t ordered anything from twoChois before, so this is the first time I’m receiving something from them. I have to say, they put a LOT of care and effort into making sure you get everything in excellent condition.

I was only expecting one book (Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Beginner), but on the parcel, I see: 1 book, 1 notebook, 1 newspaper and I’m like, “Woah! More stuff?” I had no idea I was getting all of that. XD

Inside the parcel, everything is wrapped in bubble wrap. (Yay protection!)


And then everything is in plastic.


And then each individual item is in plastic as well. It was amazing. I’ve never received something so carefully packaged.


LOOK AT THE PROTECTION AND CARE (feat. my microwave and stove)


Side Note: If you’re living in the U.S. like I am, you know that shipping from Korea can get expensive especially if you’re purchasing books. It’s why we have to look for U.S.-based shippers or save up a bit before buying anything. If you ever buy books from twoChois and shipping makes you and your wallet go TToTT from buying IDEK 3-5 books, know that it is being packaged VERY well and will get to you safely.  It’s worth it. I was planning on buying from Hanbooks in August, but buying in bulk from twoChois is the better option. The books are cheaper and the total (w/ shipping) is a little less than just the books’ subtotal at Hanbooks. Oh and again: it’s sooooo carefully packaged. I’m really impressed and happy.

;-; <– tears of happiness


The notebook is adorable and funny. I love it. XD I’ll probably use it for when I’m out and about and need to make a note to put in my notebook later. Handwritten notes with packages are always a plus. ^.^


I’ve always wanted an issue of this. Why? I don’t know. I’ve just seen it a lot and want it. XD


Stay tuned for the book review. :D (I’m saying “stay tuned” like this is a TV channel… I wish I had my own TV channel. OTL)