Make a plan. Use the plan. Live the plan.

Thanks to Kay’s post, I wanted to make this post.

So I’ve noticed a couple of bad habits that I have with self-studying. Shame on me. >.>

1. I don’t really have a plan. A lot of the time, I’ll skip around between materials (books and online) and make gradual progress in each instead of consistent progress I can see for one material. It’s alright to skip around here and there especially if you’re just reviewing, but I’ve noticed that (for me) if I don’t have a plan, I won’t see where I’m going or the progress I’m making. Then I feel like I’m just sitting there in one spot. I hate sitting in one spot- it’s not fun. orz

2. If I don’t feel ready for something, I keep feeling I should backtrack a bit.  If something is challenging, I’ll go for it, but if I see I don’t understand it (this is usually with Korean), I’ll think, “Shizzle, maybe I should go learn more vocabulary before I continue on,” or I’ll think, “Aw crap I can’t remember what I was learning in that book I was using two weeks ago and I didn’t take notes either. Darnit!” So maybe the problem there is that I don’t take notes as I learn all the time. XD

3. I don’t make use of what I’ve learned. I’ll learn it, celebrate, and move on. For Japanese, I do self-study, BUT I also take a class in college. Because of that, I HAVE to make use of what I’ve learned and remember it. For Korean, I am completely self-studying. I don’t have tests nor do I set specific goals or review actively and because of that I’m not actively retaining much. I’ll remember stuff and understand a good bit as I read, but if you want me to write or say something on the spot, I’ll derp HARD.

This made me come to a couple of conclusions… er, goals. Conclusions sounds too “report-y.” WTH is “report-y”…..

  1. Make progress through one material (book or online) and THEN move on to another one.
  2. If something is above your level, but not that far, keep reading it, take notes, and review it later. Don’t try to go back too much or think you need to feel ready for everything. (I do this a lot with Korean and less with Japanese for some reason. Japanese: Woah, I don’t get this… AWESOME! I’ll keep reviewing it and trying to learn it. Korean: Holy *UJH*I^*&RFH WAT NO I should go back a bit.)
  3. Write using new vocab even if it means writing a journal entry that is completely made up.
  4. Every so-often, see how far you’ve gotten. Read something that used to be difficult. See how many chapters/lessons you’ve completed and how many pages you’ve read.
  5. Treat Korean like you treat Japanese.

Alright, I got this. LET’S DO THIS! XD

Rant/Motivation Post

I don’t think many of my followers know this and I feel the need to explain: I’m the kind of person that gets frustrated with something that challenges them and then works hard to overcome it. If I ever rant about something difficult, it’s me kinda showing my motivation to work on it more. XD Does it make any sense? No? Yes? Keep reading either way.

I’m self-studying Korean and for Japanese I’m self-studying (s-s? Can I abbreviate it? Nah. Looks weird.) at the moment and I take classes when I’m in college. I’ve had more exposure to the Japanese language (listened to songs in Japanese at a young age and tried to sing what I heard/watched anime with and w/o subtitles as I tried to piece words together.) which is probably why it’s easier for me to pick it up, but compared to Korean it is much more difficult in terms of grammar and writing. Regardless of me acknowledging this difficulty, I keep running into the same problem: I can’t pronounce Korean to save my life.

Maybe I just sound okay speaking Korean and I’m being critical of myself, but oh my grapes and vines and wine glasses… Feeling comfortable with speaking Korean is going to be a long and hard journey for me.

Which has lead me to this post. :D

I feel really motivated to practice my reading and speaking, so I’m planning on devoting a lot of time to that. Recently I’ve been working on grammar and vocabulary, but pronunciation is kicking me in the kneecap and it hurts! I need my kneecap! I’m a dancer! ;-;

If you’re wondering where the sudden rage came from, it was because I was listening to Daehyun in an interview and he said, “…내 가슴에 불을 지펴봐” and I was trying to listen closely to how he said 불 because the difference between ㅂ/ㅍ and ㅈ/ㅊ gets me every time. I get the double consonants, but these suckers right here. Sometimes  ㅂ sounds aspirated like ㅍ. Same for ㅈ/ㅊ. One day I’ll get it. ONE. DAY. I’m watching you 자모… I’m watching you… Well, more like trying to pronounce, but you get what I mean.

Day 1: Start a Tradition

Woah, wth did the “New Post” section change or did I click on something I shouldn’t have? Oh well… Okay, so maybe the “New Post” button at the top is for a quick post and if I click it from the side panel I’ll get the whole shazzam package for editing. Uh, to the post…

Thanks to Koichi and Tofugu, I’m gonna try “30 Days of Becoming a Better Japanese Learner” but for all the languages I’m studying. Japanese gets all my attention and poor Korean and Spanish have to wait forever for their turn.

Here’s the link for the ebook: I’m not sure how long it will stay free, but get it asap just in case. It’s free. Be a klepto. >.>

I don’t wanna explain too much about what each day says to do since there may be a price for the ebook soon, but he did write, “Feel free to take excerpts from this ebook and use them as you see fit (in your blog or whatevs).” And so I shall. :D

I’ll be pretty much summing up what I’ve learned from the ebook when I write these.

Day 1: Start a Tradition

If something becomes a tradition, you don’t really have to worry about it getting done, right? You just do it and barely have to remind yourself about it. Now imagine if you did that with chores and studying. Do you know how much could get done on time? WHY I haven’t thought about this before, I have no clue. I’m starting off with random and kinda vague traditions because that’s how all my ideas start. Random. Vague. Then they evolve.

  • Japanese: Review what I learned the day before when I wake up.
  • Korean: Put the KoreanClass101 word of the day in my notebook when I get on some electronic device.
  • Spanish: Turn to a Spanish channel when I turn on the TV. (Because most of the time I turn it on because I need light to find my damn bed and I wanna make some use of what mom is paying for.)

Note how none of the traditions have the word will in them. When you say, “I will,” you’re giving yourself the option of doing it later and well… It just doesn’t always get done.

Crap I don’t know what else to write. I feel awkward ending it here. Oooooo, I should do some language book reviews later. :D Wait… That didn’t really help the issue I had with how to end the post.

2013 Language Goals

This is a rough draft of the language goals I have. I have noooooo idea how specific I’ll make the goals later, but I think it’s good for me to write something out here for now. It’ll help me get into the habit of doing language logs.

I wanted to make this list simple and general so I’m not taking on too much, but then again it’s what I’ll do within a year.

My Korean list will probably be the longes because I don’t need to do much with Spanish and I tend to put Korean at the side with Japanese. I only have Japanese at my college and I catch on to it much faster for some awkward and interesting reason. Because of all of that, I wanna make sure I can get my Korean up to my Japanese level before Japanese just soars straight up up and away. Haha, see what I did there? No? Okay… >.>


  • Watch a show in Spanish/Read a book in Spanish and understand 70%. This shouldn’t be too hard for me since vocab is my only problem at the moment. I’ll just need a week or two to brush up on grammar. This goal is really general, but it’s because I don’t know what specific things to do other than read books, look up words, and watch shows.
  • Lang-8 once a week


  • Finish Genki I and start Genki II. Based on how I’ll be taking the courses in college, this should go along well. I’d really like to be able to understand everything in Genki I thoroughly before moving on to II.
  • JLPT 5 kanji–  all 103 of them
  • Half of JLPT 4 kanji– not sure how many that will be
  • Understand the JLPT 5 vocab list I threw somewhere into a folder I threw somewhere. I should stop throwing things in unknown places.
  • Try speaking and writing to Japanese friends in Japanese. I need to conversational stuff. XD
  • Lang-8 once a week


  • Type in Korean without looking at my nifty little stickers on the keys. I have a good idea of where everything is, but I’m not at my English typing speed.
  • Word on reading out loud. I hesitate a lot with reading Korean since I’m still kinda new to it. I’ve seen a little progress, but I definitely wanna work on this.
  • Translate and read those children’s folk takes! It’ll give me a little info on what stories kids grow up with and they’re easy to read. The series I’m sticking to at the moment is Korean Folk Takes for Children (lovely originality, I know) I have the first book and I’ll put the link at the end.
  • Lang-8 once a week
  • TOPIK level 1 or 2– I have noooo idea what the levels consist of, but it won’t hurt to try.
  • Finish the set of books I have. This includes: Intergrated Korean Beginning 1, Sogang Korean 1A (don’t like it, but I’m not wasting my money) Spoken World Korean: Beginner and I think that’s all. I’m getting Ewha and Yonsei books late January so yeah… I wanna get close to finished with those in the year since I may know most of the things in it and it’ll be more of a review/fine-tuning.
  • TTMIK level 3– I am a lazy and forgetful person so I really should’ve flew through the first two levels by now.
  • First set of Iyagi [ep. 1-10]– Only the first set because hahaha I am NOT an intermediate.


  • Haha, nah. No goals. Just speak and don’t let Japanese or Korean come out when I meant to say something in English. Easiest language goal ever. Uh… Maybe I’ll try to attempt to not skip over words I don’t know. Maybe.

Korean Folk Tales for Children (Amazon)


And that’s it! :D I hope everyone takes this new year and makes the most out of it. Wishing it will be good is one thing, but actually putting plans into action is what will guarantee your satisfaction. To everyone aspiring to be polyglots, keep on studying and make use of time. Don’t waste it like you used to. 10 minutes you normally would’ve wasted can go a long way.

All in all, remember this one thing: It’s never over no matter what someone does to you or what lies in your path; It’s only over if you give up on it all.

Aish… I Should Replace the “Hello World!” Post.

2012년 9월 24일

안녕하세요. 제 일음은 키샤 입니다. 한국어를 공부해요.


Alright, back to English. There’s probably a good amount of errors in my Korean and my Japanese, but heh, I’m learning.

I started learning Japanese waaayy back here and there from watching anime and using free lessons online. I also purchased a couple of books from Kinokuniya to help the self-study process. It would be kinda hard if I didn’t… About a year ago my good friend A (names are letters on this blog for protection) introduced me to k-pop and k-dramas so now I’m on my way to learn Korean. I kinda abandoned all things Japanese once I got sucked in. >.> Sad, kinda… Nah. I regret nothing. For a while my knowledge of Japanese and ability to pronounce it got dog piled on by Korean… Sorry Japan. Right now I’m taking Japanese in college using Genki series and I’m self-studying Korean with many books and websites and friends. :D

I have a LJ for writing stories, a tumblr for tumblr-ing, a couple of blogs on blogger for uh… blogging (makeup/fashion, life, dreams, music) and I never touched this wordpress. Now I’m going to use it for my language study. :D

Here’s my language list in an order that may change:

English (first language, CHECK!)

European Spanish



Mandarin Chinese (I’m afraid to touch Cantonese)





Arabic (not sure which one yet…)

I catch on to languages pretty quickly (pronunciation-wise and grammar-wise) but remembering words is like trying to merge a door with a ceiling and make it lead to Hogwarts… Okay, maybe not all of that, but you see my point. The words slip easily if I’m not using it all the time or if I’m not consistent… Okay, maybe it is more of my fault… Don’t judge me. >.>

But this shall be my lousy introduction. :D