Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears

I remember when I was starting to learn Korean and LAWD all I heard was complete and utter gibberish whenever it was spoken. After months of struggle, I finally started to hear Korean as Korean and was ecstatic.


I’m weeping in a corner.


I’ll hear bits and pieces that I understand and then the rest sounds like Zelo when he says, “심장에 울리는 내 말이 니말과 다르니 화가나니 들어 4마디 잔소리”. It makes me so sad, haha. I want to be able to transcribe what I’m hearing so I can look new words up, but nope. Looks like that won’t happen for a while.

For Japanese, I have NO problem transcribing things. I’m starting to wonder if it’s because Japanese has syllables that don’t have all the pronunciation rules Korean has and each syllable is (ugh how do I describe it…) cut/short? I really don’t know how to describe it, but Japanese syllables are each short and kinda stand out on their own while Korean syllables kind of meld together. I’ve also been listening to Japanese and singing songs I heard for YEARS. I’m talking elementary school years so… that’s about 14 years now.

I think it has to do with the way Korean sounds can meld together. In the beginning or even now, you may not know if you heard, 심장에 or 심짱에 or 씸잔게 and you just have to sit there looking at whoever spoke like “BRUH…”

Japanese comes so easy to me and Korean makes me run to the hills and back. That is literally the best way to describe it. Wanna tell me to learn something difficult or abstract in Japanese? Woohoo! Sure! Awesome! I got this! Wanna tell me to learn some basic or intermediate Korean? LOL WAT APRIL FOOLS IS BACK COOL NICE ONE.

Korean is going to rip me to shreds, but it’s okay. I still have tons of love for the language. Painful… Sad… Love.

Still here? Great!

Let’s have a little side chat about a man named Lee Jong Suk or as I like to call him, GTFO.

DISCLAIMER: I will not be held liable for any injuries, distractions, arousal, tears, or heartaches caused by the following pictures of Lee Jong Suk. You have the right to remain silent or bring the issue up to the man himself, but I also will not be responsible for any further damage he may cause.


See, now, Mr. GTFO has forced me to watch all of his dramas and movies. I’m currently on Doctor Stranger after watching Pinocchio and School 2013. Being the language learner that I am, I try to listen and transcribe any phrases I want to learn or just try to see if I can understand without subs. Mr GTFO has other plans. He doesn’t want me to understand more than one word out of every 10 sentences that comes from his gorgeous lips. This is probably more of my fault than his, but lets completely ignore that for the sake of… well, nothing actually. Just go with it.

Usually I can get SOME sense of, “I can hear the syllables,” when someone speaks in this drama, but when I get to Mr. GTFO, it becomes a battlefield. I don’t know if he’s mumbling, speaking fast, or if his beauty is just messing up my existence. It’s probably the latter mixed with him speaking fast, but let’s also ignore that for the sake of nothing.

What I’m trying to basically say is…

He needs to go.

tumblr_mqnylxpSla1sd3gzko1_500 tumblr_mj03ndpwpQ1s5i6k2o1_250

See that smirk? That is the smirk of “I need to get the F### out.”



Yepp… Definitely needs to go.