Vocab Lists Should Be Banned

I am so serious.
There should be a large protest against vocab lists.

When I was taking Japanese at college, we had to learn a page of vocab from the Genki textbook we used. This would be anywhere from 20 – 30 new words for a little quiz on a randomly selected 10. You were then expected to remember that word for the rest of your Japanese learning life.

Guess how many of them I forgot?
Don’t actually try because I don’t know the answer and I don’t want you to hurt your brain. Those are precious brain cells you have there.

The point I’m trying to make is that stuffing all those words on lists into your head won’t help you. Well, it didn’t help me nor did it help most of the other students in my class. You’re going to forget it. You’re much more likely to remember a word if you learn it from a conversation you heard or a passage you read.

This example is with my Korean studies, but it’s all the same vocab business:
Not too long ago I was doing a bit of reviewing with Korean. There were words I tried to learn and remember through SRS and vocab lists and I remembered ZILCH. I couldn’t even recall most of them. However, the words I learned IN CONTEXT from Sogang’s free online lessons were sooooo easy to recall even though I hadn’t looked at them in 8 to 10 months. These were the words I learned from the dialogues and readings.

Although I’ve proven to myself I remember much better from context than lists, I still feel like if there’s a word I don’t know on my list for that chapter, I NEED to learn it then and there or it’ll disappear into the mass of other words in the language never to be seen again.

I’m so dramatic.

The thing is, the word will definitely come up again- especially if it’s a word from the early stages. I can’t run after every word all the time especially since I’m out of shape stamina-wise. I wouldn’t get too far.

I highly suggest learning in context and at your own pace. Think of it as food. You don’t wanna scarf everything down at once and get indigestion. Enjoy your food at your own pace (and ignore all the pesky people who ask why you eat so slow or so fast).


Yay context!



Oh, remember what I said a couple posts ago too: Don’t be a me. Don’t be a Keisha and have to go back and review chapters and chapters. I’m not learning anything new yet. I’m still reviewing stuff. 6 more chapters to review/re-learn.
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