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Hello there!

A couple of months ago, Talk to Me in Korean released a new way for their learners to practice reading Korean called “News In Korean.” Every week on Tuesday and Friday, you’ll be sent three short news articles, mp3 files of the readings in three speeds (fast, normal, and slow), and a commentary. You can choose between a one-month subscription (5 weeks) for $8 or a three-month subscription (13 weeks) for $18. It does not automatically renew so don’t worry about it pulling out money you don’t have when you least expect it. I went and got the 3-month subscription about a week after they started it and I regret nothing!

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It’s Here! [Thank you twoChois!]



I didn’t expect the package to get here so soon, but it did. The post office had me run back and forth today, but it was delivered to my apartment safely. ^.^

I’ll do a thorough review on the book once I really start using it, but for now it’s pictures, a packaging review, and =DDD.

I haven’t ordered anything from twoChois before, so this is the first time I’m receiving something from them. I have to say, they put a LOT of care and effort into making sure you get everything in excellent condition.

I was only expecting one book (Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Beginner), but on the parcel, I see: 1 book, 1 notebook, 1 newspaper and I’m like, “Woah! More stuff?” I had no idea I was getting all of that. XD

Inside the parcel, everything is wrapped in bubble wrap. (Yay protection!)


And then everything is in plastic.


And then each individual item is in plastic as well. It was amazing. I’ve never received something so carefully packaged.


LOOK AT THE PROTECTION AND CARE (feat. my microwave and stove)


Side Note: If you’re living in the U.S. like I am, you know that shipping from Korea can get expensive especially if you’re purchasing books. It’s why we have to look for U.S.-based shippers or save up a bit before buying anything. If you ever buy books from twoChois and shipping makes you and your wallet go TToTT from buying IDEK 3-5 books, know that it is being packaged VERY well and will get to you safely.  It’s worth it. I was planning on buying from Hanbooks in August, but buying in bulk from twoChois is the better option. The books are cheaper and the total (w/ shipping) is a little less than just the books’ subtotal at Hanbooks. Oh and again: it’s sooooo carefully packaged. I’m really impressed and happy.

;-; <– tears of happiness


The notebook is adorable and funny. I love it. XD I’ll probably use it for when I’m out and about and need to make a note to put in my notebook later. Handwritten notes with packages are always a plus. ^.^


I’ve always wanted an issue of this. Why? I don’t know. I’ve just seen it a lot and want it. XD


Stay tuned for the book review. :D (I’m saying “stay tuned” like this is a TV channel… I wish I had my own TV channel. OTL)